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With the right coping, tile, or rockwork, plaster can be a great part of your pools look. Smooth white plaster does a wonderful job of reflecting the blue sky in the water and having a very clean look. At Ethans Pools and Remodelingwe know how to do plaster right the first time.

Every single person working on your pool will be highly skilled and we are always sure to have a full crew working on the job so the plaster gets worked and doesnt set before its properly applied.

We use only the very best materials on our plaster applications.  Re-plastering and remodeling your pool can make it look better then when it was new.
Plaster is a great surface and even though there are many companies pushing for other upgrades such as quartz, plaster properly applied and taken care of can last just as long and look just as good, and in many cases with an easier start-up and less complicated service issues.
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