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Ethans Pools and Remodeling has a  plumbing staff that are dedicated experts in making sure the plumbing in your pool is up to code. We pride ourselves in our workmanship and dedication. We do plumbing projects of all types and sizes including  new pools with multiple motors for fountains, waterfalls, large spas, infinity edges and troughs,  andall types of water features. We also offer re-plumbing for pools and spas.

Often customers don't realize how out of date and inefficient their existing plumbing is. Skimmers, underground lines and drains can easily be leaking out precious water into the ground.
Another common problem is that old copper lines will be slowly stripped away and they will deposit (Blue Stone) Copper sulfate into the pool water which will discolor the plaster surface. Older heaters can be kicking rust from iron manifolds into the pool or can be full of soot or debris making them very inefficient.

Often we find that the existing plumbing, pumps, motors and filters are not properly sized and Improper sizing of the plumbing to the volume of water in the pool causing all kinds of issues with water flow, chemical disbursement and filtration.

We also make the pool very user friendly and Eco Friendly as well, with Auto Salt Chlorination systems, Automatic cleaning systems and Automatic hands free water fill systems, plumbing for solar as well.

Let us make your pool trouble free and much easier to maintain.
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